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New Design & Fashionable Umbrella

An Umbrella is a useful day-today device. It is a small canopy that would be helpful for us to avoid rain and sun. In topical countries women use it to avoid exposure to sun with the aim of reducing darkening of the skin due to…

Will Smith’s Mobile Mansion/ Trailer

Celebrities like movie stars continuously traveling. Also filming locations can be not so comfortable for any Hollywood star as they are accustomed to luxurious life style being millionaires. Here is a photo collection of inside of Will Smith’s trailer. This mobile mansion worths two million…

Quiz to Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Japsen about Canada

Jeannie from ellen show quizzed Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Japsen about Canada. These two popular Canadians seem to have a good knowledge about their homeland. I am not sure whether you agree with Justin when he says that maple syrup is not good in…

How to Avoid Ankle Injuries in Winter Sports

Winter sports are enjoyed by many outdoor enthusiasts and yet every winter, there are many avoidable sport injuries, especially injuries to the ankle. Ankle injuries include tendon injuries, ligament sprains, dislocation and fractures. Let’s explore some of the most common winter sports ankle injuries. Ankle…

Canadian Citizenship Card Lost, What Should I do?

This was one of the question that I was asked recently, A question about lost citizenship card. Citizenship card is a very important document for a citizen. Losing the citizenship card not only stressful to you but it is risky as someone can misuse it….

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