“Mr. Church” – An undying friendship between a young daughter, a talented cook and a dying mother


“Mr. Church,” an American drama film released on September 16, 2016 is a heartbreaking story of a beautiful triangular friendship between a young daughter- Charlie Brooks, a talented and kindhearted cook- Henry Joseph Church and a dying mother- Marie Brooks.

Mr. Church was directed by Bruce Beresford and the script was written by Susan McMartin. […]

Miss Universe 2013 Final – Photo Gallery

Miss Universe- 33000lk-  (22)

The final of Miss Universe 2013 was held in Moscow in Russia yesterday night. Beautiful girls from eighty six countries around the world contested for the Miss Universe 2013 Crown. Miss Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was awarded Miss Universe 2013 Crown. The other winners were from Spain, Ecuador, Philippines and Brazil respectively. Here is a […]

Miss Bikini Universe 2013 – Photo Collection

Miss Bikini Universe 2013- single 18

Miss Bikini Universe 2013 final was held on October 06, 2013. Beauties from fifty one nations all around the globe contested for Bikini Universe 2013. The girl who represented Slovakia was crowned as the Miss Bikini Universe 2013 while contestants from Kazakhstan and Portugal won the second and third place respectively. Here is a photo […]

Quiz to Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Japsen about Canada

Justin Beiber Quiz

Jeannie from ellen show quizzed Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Japsen about Canada. These two popular Canadians seem to have a good knowledge about their homeland. I am not sure whether you agree with Justin when he says that maple syrup is not good in french fries. What do you think? I just like […]