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Farmers Market : Are They Real ?

When you pay little more at farmers market than what you pay elsewhere, you expect it is healthy and fresh. However, it is not the case. There are scammers using the concept of farmers market concept to their advantage. Watch this investigational video so that you be aware of these scams when you shopping next […]

Ways to Save Money Spent on Textbooks and Notebooks.

I Don’t Want to Spend That Much! by: Lola Xie

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of another school year. For many the back school shopping or textbook hunting that takes a crunch out of your wallet. It is very easy to go to the school bookstore and get your recommended textbooks […]

Where to eat in and around University of Toronto

U of T Eateries by: Lola Xie

You did it! You made it to a Canadian university and you’re in Toronto. You’ve got your books, your supplies and everything else… but what about your meals? What can you do? There are a number of things depending on the university and campus that you are […]

Important Facts about Trans-Canada Highway

The longest national highway in the world today is Trans-Canada Highway. One may argue about this statement as there are many highways in the world which are longer than this. For example Highway 1 in Australia is around 20,000 km long and it connects most of the cities in Australia running around making a full […]

Life in Swift Current – Saskatchewan

Are you wondering about a good city where you can settle in. A city devoid of environmental pollution, homicides, insecurity, drugs and rape. Think of Swift Current in Saskatchewan.

It may be a small city but Swift Current has got lot ot offer to its residents. Situated along the Trans Canada Highway 170km west […]

Can I get Pregnant By A Dog ?

Do you like this image:

With the situation made famous by countless online jokes and skits, the thought of half-human half-dog children raises an honest and somewhat innocent question – “Can I get pregnant by my dog?” No matter your reason for asking, the answer to this question is deeply rooted in science.

How […]

World Political Leaders Who Changed Their Names

Some people change their name given to them by their parents at the time of birth. The reasons can vary and like in many other situations one can suddenly think to change his or her name. There are political leaders in the world who have changed their name. Politics depends on popularity among people […]