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New Design & Fashionable Umbrella

An Umbrella is a useful day-today device. It is a small canopy that would be helpful for us to avoid rain and sun. In topical countries women use it to avoid exposure to sun with the aim of reducing darkening of the skin due to sun exposure. Historically, an umbrella is wooden, plastic or a metal structure with a water resistant cloth. Most of the Umbrellas can be folded making it easy to carry in hand or in a bag. Umbrella is also known as parasol.

In this article, we present few design umbrellas. These umbrellas look beautiful and they are fashionable. Since most women use umbrellas it is important to have these fashionable changes. If you are interested in buying these umbrellas, we have added a link to online store with free delivery to most of the countries.

1. Princess Lace Umbrella

Princess Lace Umbrella

This elegant umbrella comes in different colours as shown in the photo above. The material used in this umbrella are pongee fabric and lace. The umbrella frame is made of steel with 16 skeletons. The open diameter of this umbrella is 90 cm and total length is 86 cm. Closing and opening of the umbrella have to be done manually. At the time of this writing this umbrella cost around 17 USD.

You can read more about this umbrella and buy it here: Link 1

02. Transparent and Bird Cage Look Umbrella

Bird Cage Umbrella

This umbrella is so creative that it looks like a bird cage. It also has a transparent canopy made of material called EVA. The frame is made with plastic and it has eight skeletons. It is a non folding umbrella. There is automatic opening with manual closing. This is priced at 13 USD. You can buy this product here: Link to Umbrella Store

03. 3D floral Umbrella

3D floral Umbrella

This is one of the most elegant and naval design. The ribs are made of fiberglass and the cloth is water proof and easily drying material. It is a high quality product with good fashionable design and strong frame which can withstand strong winds. However, it is super light weight due to use of fiberglass material. This umbrella can be used both in sunny and rainy conditions. There are more elegant pink and while colour mixed designs as well. The price – 41 USD. You can read more about this product here- Link

04. Concise and Elegant Mini Umbrella

Mini Umbrella

If you looking for a mini design, this umbrella is for you. This latest model with five folding is light weight. The frame is made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy providing a both strong and light weight skeleton. The plastic handle which is rubber painted is very comfortable to the hand with a perfect design of the shape. The water proof fabric (PG cloth) is coated with high tech Nyara. It is durable and easy to dry.

It is folded size is the most significant feature. The diameter is about 93 cm. Weight is 260 grams. You can view more about this product and buy it here. Link

05. Black Samurai Ninja Sward Umbrella

Ninja Sword Umbrella

If you have a fashion for marshal arts, this umbrella would be your choice. It is made of high-density 190 T Pongee fabric with steel metal shaft and 8/ 16/ 24 ribs to enhance the umbrella’s ability to flex. You can select the umbrella with one of these ribs when you are buying.

In contrast to the product displayed so far, this umbrella is 100 cm long from the end of the handle. Its diameter is 110 cm when it is open and can easily accommodate two persons.The functionality is auto open and manual close.

The package includes a carrying bag, allowing you to have your hands free when there might be a chance of rain! Though you suggest that you be careful where you bring it! If it’s slung over your shoulder, it’ll give off the effect of a real katana!

The price at the time of writing this article is 25 USD. You can buy this product here. Link

06. Abstract Pattern Umbrella

Abstract Pattern Umbrella

This abstract pattern umbrella shows its beauty mainly to its holder. The abstract colorful pattern on the under surface of the canopy makes it special. As shown in this picture this umbrella comes in two designs and the price is around 21 USD.

We have listed few selected umbrella designs. However, if you visit the links provided you may see more and more designs. Good news is that these stores deliver their products with a zero shipping cost. Please check all these umbrella products. Link


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