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“Mr. Church” – An undying friendship between a young daughter, a talented cook and a dying mother

“Mr. Church,” an American drama film released on September 16, 2016 is a heartbreaking story of a beautiful triangular friendship between a young daughter- Charlie Brooks, a talented and kindhearted cook- Henry Joseph Church and a dying mother- Marie Brooks.

Mr. Church was directed by Bruce Beresford and the script was written by Susan McMartin. The film starts with the famous and enormously talented Hollywood Star, Eddie Murphy (The cook- Henry Joseph Church), following Natascha McElhone (Single mother Marie, who is dying from breast cancer), Brittany Leanna Robertson (The daughter- Charlie), and Xavier Samuel (The Character Owen- Charlie’s sweetheart) along with many other stars.

The story brings us a picture of an undying love of a family which becomes eternal. A single mother, Marie who is dying with breast cancer makes six months’ agreement of retaining the service of a top cook- Mr. Henry Joseph Church at her home. Mr. Church was paid by Marie’s ex-lover, Richard for the service of six months. Her little daughter, Charlie refuses his presence and Marie comes to terms with Charlie to get rid of Church in six months. Somehow Mr. Church becomes a fixture in the household. Young Charlie slowly gets close to Mr. Church knowing that soon she has to say good-bye to her mother forever. Finally, the 6 months cooking arrangement creates a 15 years of beautiful and meaningful family bond.

Marie struggles to see every moment of her child, Charlie’s life while slowly embracing the uncertainty of her life. She finds comfort and support from Mr. Church while Charlie seems to run away from Marie knowing that losing someone dearest could be devastating.

Mr. Church shows us how a dying mother with cancer battling with her own emotions and thoughts knowing that she has to leave everything she ever loved for. On the other hand, it tells us another part of the story – a child who struggles with her emotions and thoughts knowing that her mother is dying with a cancer.

Watch Mr. Church and share your thoughts with us!

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