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Rare & New Design Wrist Watches

If you are fashion oriented and looking for new and rare designs, you will not be disappointed after checking the following list of wrist watches.

1. Wooden wrist watch

This luxury men’s watch will catch the eye of anyone. It is a quatrtz type of wrist watch with an analog dial display. See more here.


2. Bamboo Wrist Watch

You might have never thought of the existence of bamboo wood watches. The first time I saw this, I was surprised. It is so elegant and there are many designs suitable for both men and women. See more here.


3. Floral Design Cloth Watch

A simple but elegant watch with the wrap made of beautiful cloth. This one is specially for ladies and you can buy this for less than 4 US $. See more here


4. Racing Car 3D Design

Definitely this is for car lovers. The dial pad of the watch looks like a speedometer of a car. You can read more here.

speedometre watch

5. Glass Hollow Triangle Watch

We presented four different varieties of wrist watches so far. Here is the glass watch with unusual triangular shape dial. This is a unisex item and you can buy it for around 5 US $ here.


These are our favorite new design and unusual pattern wrist watches. All these watches are of affordable price with free shipping to your door steps.

1 thought on “Rare & New Design Wrist Watches

  1. I absolutely love #3 the floral design cloth watch it is so cute. I’ve never saw a watch with a clothes wrist band like it before. 😍

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