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Will Smith’s Mobile Mansion/ Trailer

Celebrities like movie stars continuously traveling. Also filming locations can be not so comfortable for any Hollywood star as they are accustomed to luxurious life style being millionaires.

Here is a photo collection of inside of Will Smith’s trailer. This mobile mansion worths two million dollars and has been done by Anderson Mobile Estates. They make super luxury mobile trailers and they are the pioneers in renting these.

Here is a few snap shot of Will Smith’s transforming, Two-Storied mobile mansion.

Aspen is the name given to Will Smith’s luxury trailer and it is the first by Anderson Mobile States. Here is the expandable cabin which can host 25 people.  Production meetings usually take place here.

Inside of the Will Smith Trailer

This is the children’s play area. Now they are making their own movies and it may all have started here.
Kids Play Area in Will Smiths Trailer

Here is the luxury granite kitchen. Everything inside can nicely fold in on itself and they are cleverly designed for flawless functioning.

Luxary Granite Kitchen in Will Smith's Trailer

This is the big bar area and placed in upstairs. Thirty people can easily occupy this area.

Massive varenda

Originally the trailer had four mobile recording studios with state of the art technology. One of them were converted to a office room when Van Diesel rented it.

Mobile Recording Studio

Out door patio area with twenty-four-hour CCTV surveillance. They have wind sensors and they close by itself when it gets windy.

Patio Area in Will Smith's Trailer

Here is the thing! Bullet/Bomb proof luxury cab called Cocoon for use in emergency situations. Yes they are not immuned but vulnerable for unexpected.

Security cab

Here is the luxury make up area. A TV is set behind the mirror if they get bored.

Plasma TV behind the mirror

These glasses in the porch area can switch between clear and opaque.

Porch Area

Here is the one I was telling you. Office room – earlier this was one of the mobile recording room.

Recording Studio

Here is the remote controller board for all the devices on board like lights, juke boxes, TVs, Blinds, Game Consoles, etc

Remote Controller Sections

This shower area is in upstairs and it is for body guards.

Upstair Shower for Bodyguards

Another inside look of Will Smith Trailer.

Inside of Will Smith's Trailer

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