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Affordable Sightseeing In Toronto

Economical and affordable sightseeing in toronto

Well, if you happen to be in Toronto, you’re in luck. This is a mini guild to the good and affordable sightseeing places in this vibrant city.

Greek town, China town, little Italy, little India, Korean town are just a few of this city’s places to see. They are all conveniently linked by the TTC, so it’s not a big hassle to get your breakfast, lunch and dinner in three places. And you get to see how the locals live and get that nauseating feeling of being at home. It doesn’t take much to get there nor will you have to spend too much (in most places, downtown’s a different story) to enjoy Toronto.

High Park, the biggest park in Toronto, which offers cherry blossom sighting in May, though it have much more to offer, especially if you enjoy the wilderness, without the dangers. There are many others, such as Queen’s Park, conveniently located at the heart of U of T (not for the students when there are protests going on). A place that you not only get to enjoy the trees and walk trails but get to see government officials as well. There are a number of parks located in various places in Toronto, find them and check them out.

Get a city pass, yes it’s a bit on the pricey side over fifty dollars a person; but while worth it if you want to visit all the sites in Toronto. However, before buying consider where you want to visit. The Royal Ontario Museum allow students free passes on Tuesdays, the Art Gallery of Ontario among other galleries and museums also have student pricing. This doesn’t apply to the major city sites such as the CN tower.

If you want a taste of Toronto’s past, the distillery district is the place for you. The chocolate shop is one of the best in the GTA, all handmade. But before you go, this is a forewarning, while the foods are reasonably priced, if you want to get a souvenir it’s a bit more costly; the best thing to do if you want to go there, get a coffee and explore the place.

Now that you know, why not plan ahead? Your reading weeks could be exploring weeks. And the days of boredom of not knowing where to go is gone. The city is yours too see! Now, the question is, how much of Toronto can you see?

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