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Ways to Save Money Spent on Textbooks and Notebooks.

Save money on textbooks

I Don’t Want to Spend That Much! by: Lola Xie

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of another school year. For many the back school shopping or textbook hunting that takes a crunch out of your wallet. It is very easy to go to the school bookstore and get your recommended textbooks and notebooks. However when compared to personal buyers or the giant retails, there’s only two words, rip off. Here are some recommended sites and stores to save dollars and pennies.

TUSBE– The student ran website that will have books from various subjects and campuses, one of the oldest sites and the most effective. To use the services an account is required.

Torbooks– A relatively new site with the same operations as TUSBE, it is another platform for where you can find all of your desired textbooks. Account required for access to services.

Ryebooks– This site is also one of the “original” textbook sites, which doesn’t require an account if you only want to buy books. You would need to contact the seller directly.

Kijiji– It is not only for finding books, which is good for those that you can’t find anywhere else. But it is also good for knowing where events are, community services among many others.

Craigslist– This site also offers bargain deals on books when there are sellers. Not many people look up here for them so they’re up for grabs! It also offers many other services and notices of events in the surrounding areas.

Now there may also be services at your own school which offers similar services on a smaller scale, check them out! Or if you really can’t find the books you need, sites like ebay or Amazon may be your solution. That is if you’re willing to wait for the delivery which may take any number of days.

We got the textbooks…. Now what to do for our notebooks? Got to the big retailers like Staples or Wal-Mart of course. Every single year they have sales on notebooks at the lowest of 10 to 15 cents per book. Their school accessories will also have a greater variety than your neighborhood school bookshop.

If you do all of this I can guarantee that in the lower ranger, you’ll save tens of dollars, in the higher and you’re saving hundreds! This advice is from the years of book hunting I’ve done already. It already cost quite a bit to study in Canada, never mind your usual costs. Why not cut a bit out of textbook fees?

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