Use Of Social Media For Job Hunt

Why Having Social Media Accounts are Vital for Your Job Hunt by: Lola Xie

As a new immigrant to Canada, you want to find jobs that are suitable to your educational background and experience in the workforce in your home country. While social media may seem like a thing only for teenagers in your family, it is not. It can be an important tool depending on how you utilize it. There are many ways that have an account or multiple accounts on social media sites that could make your job hunt a little bit easier.

If you have a Facebook account, there are things that you can do to make others aware of yourself and your work history. This is done by editing your work history on your profile and adding “events” to your life. Having done this, potential employers who screen you will be able to find you through a few clicks on Google. You can also join groups dedicated to new immigrant or your specific ethnic group to find employment and opportunities. There are too many to list since these groups could be started very easily. If you own a startup company, coming to Canada as business investors, you might consider making one of these groups. Otherwise a “page” dedicated to the service and products that your company does and makes is easy advertisement.

While Facebook is a good site to be another route for your job hunts. Be forewarned of the possible mistakes that you may make that could offset a potential employer. Such as lewd photos or status comments that maybe considered offensive. To protect yourself against these setbacks, make sure that your privacy setting is “friends only” or “friends of friends only”. Make sure to set these up yourself as Facebook’s privacy policies in recent years have kept on changing. The timeline setup allows everyone to see a portion to your own history, they don’t have to be your Facebook friend, so be sure to modify so you get to select who sees your thoughts and comments on it.

LinkedIn is another site specifically designed for your work history, experience and other skills that you have. It is mainly used as name suggests to link people to other people in their desired field or people that may help you on your road to employment. However, whether or not you gain employment or people that will aid you really depend on how you use it. The set up is more complex with sections such as skill sets and work history that you’d want to fill out.

There are many, many others, you just have to google it. In a world where we are connected by social media, having accounts on these sites will help you in your quest for a suitable job. So make as many as you can and look at as many places as you can, though our society is becoming more competitive. Your special set of skills maybe just what someone else needs, whether it be the languages you can speak to knowing multiple computer languages.

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