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Where to eat in and around University of Toronto

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U of T Eateries by: Lola Xie

You did it! You made it to a Canadian university and you’re in Toronto. You’ve got your books, your supplies and everything else… but what about your meals? What can you do? There are a number of things depending on the university and campus that you are studying at! All of the campuses and the recommended eateries on campus and off will be here.

If you are in the University of Toronto Mississauga or York University your eateries are limited to the ones on campus. Since both the Mississauga and Keele area is much more remote than Scarborough or St George campus and Ryerson University. Getting a day, weekly or metro pass is recommended if you want to explore the city and its eateries. One of the main sights in the Mississauga is Square One to start.

If you happen to be at the Scarborough campus, you’re luckier. Other then the food on campus, there’s town center only a bus away. However due to the limited numbers of trip it takes, for you to have a decent meal, you also need time. I recommend a two to three hour gap or more between classes so that you can get there and back without rushing everything.

If you are at the St George campus or Ryerson University, you will enjoy a paradise of cheap and good foods. That is if you know where to look! No need to stick with the greasy overpriced campus foods, which in most cases in detrimental to your health.

For U of T students, to the south, you have big Chinatown which offers a variety of foods of different Asian origin. A Vietnamese sub for two dollars to a bowl of noodles for five. To the west, there’s the Annex and Korea town, you just have to take the walk or the TTC to get there, which offers full meals starting at six to seven dollars. To the east, here are many campus eateries at Hart House, various colleges, or if you taste buds are aching for some high class food, there’s the Bay and Yorkville to consider. However as a student I would urge you only to eat there for major celebrations, since it is in the most expensive part of Toronto.

Being at Ryerson University means that you’re at the heart of downtown, there are many places to eat; one of the best places where you can get the most for your buck is Korean grill. Which is conveniently located just a short walk away from one of the buildings on campus. Otherwise the Chinatowns are just a bus ride away. Otherwise you got the food courts in the Eaton center to consider or you can just walk around to see what tickles your taste buds.

Now that you know where to eat! What are you waiting for; don’t stick with the campus food trucks and limited choices. Get out there and get a taste of Toronto during your studies, your wallet and stomach won’t regret it…. No, I really mean it, the stuff on campus and off costs about the same now, except off campus is usually healthier and more bang for your buck, especially at Korean restaurants. Your body will be more energized and you will be better prepared for the semesters ahead. Just make sure you plan ahead, since at some of the places, you’d want to enjoy the food, not rush it.

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