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How you can get a Driver Abstract

Drivers RecordSometimes Canadian citizen needs to get their last three year driving abstract for various purposes. For example when they are applying for a Taxi cab drivers license one of the prerequisite is to provide a Provincial Driver’s Abstract.

Usually Driver Abstract includes information such as driver’s name, licence number, class, expiry date, conditions/restrictions, and/or status information.  Available to anyone, however, no residential address information will be provided. usually this is issued for three years and sometimes you may need a abstract up to five years at one time.Before you order, make sure that a 3-year uncertified record is the document you need for your purpose. Check with the individual requesting the record to confirm which version you need before you order.

A certified driver record contains the same information as the uncertified record but will also be stamped with the ministry approved embossed seal.

In Ontario, You can apply for the Driver Abstract online or you can walk in to a Service Ontario counter and submit your application. At the time of writing you have to pay $ 12.00 for both online and service counter applications.  You can use your American Express, Visa or Master card to pay online. At a service counter you can use other than the above credit cards you can use Debit, Cash or Cheque.

As this is a official document issued by provincial governments please check your provincial requirements in their web site or give a call. Please note that this article is educational purpose only. Always check with the government organization or relevant institutes before making any decisions.

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