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14 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green teaTea is one of favorite beverages consumed by people all around the world. Tea is produced in various forms and types. Green tea is one of them and it is the type of tea with large array of medicinal values. Following are few health benefits of drinking tea.

01. Enhancing the body’s immunity

Body’s immune system fights with germs like bacteria, virus, etc to protect the body, to prevent illness and to cure illness. Green tea has polyphenols and flavanoids which help to enhance the body’s immunity.

02. Helps to Cure Common Cold and Flue

Common cold and flue are common illness we get. Most of the time these are caused due to viral infection. Green tea is enriched with vitamin C and it helps to cur these illnesses faster.

03. Relieve Wheezing/Asthma

Wheezing or Asthma is a common respiratory problem which can occur both in children and adults. Green tea has Theophyllin related compound (Theophyllin is a medicine which is used in acute attacks of Asthma). As a result Green tea can relax tight respiratory muscles in airways and relieve the respiratory difficulty naturally.

04. Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a common medical problem. Green tea can balance body metabolism and control blood glucose level in the body.

05. Control Cholesterol

Dyslipidemia is also a very common health problem and it is a high risk factor of heart disease and stroke. Green tea lowers bad cholesterol in body and maintain a health ratio of bad and good cholesterol.

06. Controls Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is also a high risk factor for heart disease. Green tea can control body’s Angiotensin level. our body produce Angiotensin and it is one of the culprit for high blood pressure.

07. Relieves Stress and Depression

Not only that Stress and Depression are common and troublesome medical problem but also they can cause serious health problems like heart attacks. Green tea has L-theanine which is a useful Amino acids. This Amino acid is very much important in relieving stress and depression.

08. Prevent Arthritis

Degenerative arthritis is a very common problem. Green tea inhibits the enzymes which damage the cartilages in joints.

09. Prevent Obesity

Green tea balances body metabolism. It can catabolize fat and lipids preventing excess weight gain.

10. Prevent Cancer

Green tea has cancer protective vitamins  like Vitamin C, E and these vitamins protect cells from damage.

11. Slow Down the Aging Process

Polyphenol in Green tea fights with the toxins that you are exposed to and slows down the aging.

12. Prevent Dental Decay

Dental caries are a common dental problem among children and adults. Most of them are caused by bacterias which can grow inside the mouth. Green tea is able to kill these germs and also control the growth of them protecting your teeth.

13. Prevents Wrinkling of Skin

We are exposed to lot of toxins due to many reasons. Skin wrinkles makes you look old and Green tea has anti oxidants which can prevent premature aging by controlling the occurrence of skin wrinkles.

14. Protect Your Heart

As already explained Green tea can control your blood pressure, blood sugar and lipid levels. These are the major risk factors for heart disease and it is very important to control blood pressure, blood sugar level and cholesterol level to protect your heart. Green tea is also helpful to recovery of heart tissue after a heart attack.

I hope now you realize how beneficial it is to drink Green coffee. The most important fact is that it is a natural product.

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