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Quiz to Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Japsen about Canada

Jeannie from ellen show quizzed Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Japsen about Canada. These two popular Canadians seem to have a good knowledge about their homeland. I am not sure whether you agree with Justin when he says that maple syrup is not good in french fries. What do you think? I just like with regular Mr. Ketchup. I am sure Maple syrup is yummy toss with Waffles, right chaps? Yeeeeeee….

Jeannie kept on asking the “Canadian questions,” in her regular sweet phase, and Carly Japsen and Bieber kept the heat of game in a cool level after all. First Jeannie asked Carly Rae Japsen and Justin Bieber to come up with their own  buzzing to to answer for the quetsions on the Ellen game. so Beiber went for bumble bee “Bzzzzz” and Carly Rae said, “I will do dhat..”

Jeannie’s first question was about famous Maple syrup. She asked them to Name something that Mayple Syrup would not be good on and like a flash cutey Bieber Bzzzzz his answer as “French Fries.” Of course Justin, who would like to replace ketchup with Maple syrup on thier French fries… Yaks !

When Jeannie ask duo to translate the particular french statement, Bieber like a rider said ” I love you Justin Bieber” and what the hell, do still girls are in love with him? Afterall seeing sexy Selena Gomes “J” ring on her finger. Come on…. The truth is, one day Justine Bieber will be a handsome man to a beautiful chick! You never know who it gonna be. Whatever!

So the third question was about a famous Canadian singer who named after her father Allen. Man! that time I was lost like the cute duos. Who the heck is that? Oh! Allanis Morisette, the 16 times Juno nominee Canadian sensational voice. Great ah! So whatz up with that name thing? I am lost, but I guess that’s OK because Justin and Carly did not know it was Allanis. Aha! somehow Carly Rae got the answer with a help of her secret life line… Bam! who’s line is it anyway?

The next question Jeannine asked was linked to  Canada national motto, “From Sea to Sea.” She asked how many oceans does Canada boarder have? and Justine Bieber Bzzzzz and fired the word “two” without thinking twice. Once the red light start blinking, Bieber said, “three,” which made him disqualify from that question as it was Carley Rae Japsen’s time. How smart are you Carly? You know the answer now.So Carly won that round of question.

Jeannie heated the game by asking the names of two famous Canadians in fabulous 2004 film, the “Notebook.” That’s not a tricky question at all because we all know what Rachel MacAdams is fabulous in many actors’ beds. No insult, but it is the truth. The ladies freedom and how she experience life. No comments, just telling the facts. Well, her 2005 to 2008 ish boyfriend, Ryan Goslin was her lover of the film Notebook. Man oh Man, she act and date the setting handies! Now Michael Sheen? OK Michael no offense but be careful as when Rachel MacAdams hit another film, you may be in the unooficial dump list. No offense, just I guess some are used to tasting lot of things in a very shot time. Wow!

Then next comes to the National game, Hockey. So you know when a player scores 3 goals in a raw it is called a Hatrick just like in many other games.  Justine Bieber knew it, but does Carly Rae Jaspen know it? I guess she knew but she was bit late to do her Dhat!

Jeannie asked Justin Bieber and Carly Rae about a famous Canadian game show that goes on and on on the TV, and pretty much both knew about “Jeopardy.”| However, Bieber jeopardized his winning by giving time to his brain! Come on Bieber… well come on Carly Rae, once you had the fish on ya hook, what’s hard in there to cook ah? What is Jeopardy? Don’t think Justin is just a Canadian boy chaps.

When he was answering to the question, What is the largest city in Canada, first thing he asked was, whether it is population wise or area wise… See that’s a double question. You ask a question and in return you get a question. Not bad ah. So he was explaining that area wise it is “Timmins” in Canada that qualify for largest city in Canada. Hola! right away Carly Rae Japsen jump into the middle of the conversation and said “it is Toronto.” Hey Carly that’s not nice. When Carley was firing her answer, poor Bieber also said TO…. So it is not fair to make them tie tie anyway because it was Justin Bieber who put insight into that. Still Carly I think you are a sweet spirit that hop into your friend’s conversation because you want both to win. Am I right? Come on folks. Give some respect to Justine Bieber and Carly Rae, will ya.

The last two questions Jeannie asked was, “When you say the name of the song never say never, how many time do you say never?” and “Celine Dion is a famous Canadian. Do your best to do Celine Dion expression.” First Bieber said two times you say never and it is a simple Math thing. Well, really? Like Calculus? I do not know that’s why I am asking Sir. So for the last question, Carly Rae showed Celine Dion’s heart pumping (hitting) expression and said “She does lot of this.” Please Carly Rae don’t hit your chest. Twin sisters can get hurt and you as well darling. I am kidding OK. Innocent Justin Bieber kept his hands tuck into his tummy area and kept quiet. Is he still mad at Carly Rae Japsen’s nose poking into his game question? I do not think so because Carley and Bieber both annouced that they are Canadians and that they both won Ellen’s game show. Thanks Jeannie you are doing a good job. Ellen will hive you a homogenized milk to boost ya energy. By the way I love all of them (Ellen, Jeannie, Justin Bieber, Carly rae Japsen and entire human race), no matter who or what they are. We all are humans after all.

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