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Life in Swift Current – Saskatchewan

Are you wondering about a good city where you can settle in. A city devoid of environmental pollution, homicides, insecurity, drugs and rape. Think of Swift Current in Saskatchewan.

It may be a small city but Swift Current has got lot ot offer to its residents. Situated along the Trans Canada Highway 170km west from Moose Jaw, and 218km east from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Swift current is the home for around 15,000 Canadians. Swift Current is can be reached reached in about five hours from Calgary and a two and half hours from Regina.
Swift Current provides easy commuting and everything in Swift Current is nearby. Agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing and tourism are the main sectors of economy. Many businesses are relocating and expanding  in Swift Current due to the development of infrastructure and tax incentives.

Malls in Swift Current

There are  two shopping malls in Swift Current.  They offer one-of-a-kind specialty stores, as well as national chain stores. Downtown Swift Current is also great place for shopping. You will find many excellent shops and boutiques located along tree-lined streets and cobblestone sidewalks.

Family activities in Swift Current

Swift Current got plenty to offer for a family. Importantly, it is an ideal place to raise children. School curriculum is not only limited to academic work but other extra-curricular activities which mold responsible citizens. The main post secondary institution in Swift Current is Great Plains College. The college provides variety of courses ranging from computers to psychology.

Sports in Swift Current

Junior hockey team Broncos who home Credit union iPles is the most popular in Swift Current. Western Major League Baseball games is the most popular sporting event during the summer.

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