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World Political Leaders Who Changed Their Names

Some people change their name given to them by their parents at the time of birth. The reasons can vary and like in many other situations one can suddenly think to change his or her name. There are political leaders in the world who have changed their name. Politics depends on popularity among people and name is a vital part of it. Let’s see few politicians who changed their name, and the reasons.

1. Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin is a well known leader. He was the leader of the Soviet union from 1928 until 1953. When he was born, he was called Iosif Dzhugashvili. Later he changed the name to Stalin. The word “Stalin” means “man of steel” in Russian. Stalin chose this new name so that people would think of him as a strong leader.

2. Mahinda Rajapaksha
Even though current Sri lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksha is popular by this name, his real name is Mahendar Percy Rajapaksha. He is a son of former member of parliament. Mahinda Rajapaksha was first elected to parliament in 1970. he became prime minister of Sri lanka in April, 2004. Subsequently he was elected as the executive president of Sri lanka in 2005.

Sri lanka is a majority Buddhist country. Religion and ethnicity is an important aspect that Sri lankan people consider when they select a member of parliament. The name Percy is a western and non Buddhist name and this must have made him to drop that name. Mahinda is a Buddhist name and impact Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka by a Buddhist priest from India called Mahinda thero. Mahinda thero is the son of great Indian conquer King Dharmashoka.

If you have more names to add to this list please leave as a comment.

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