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How to Stop Facebook Group Messages

Until recently we had the privilege of joining desired groups in Facebook. If any of our friends or acquaintances wanted to get us joined in their facebook group they had to sent a request. It was under our control to decide whether to join the particular group or not. Usually we join groups we had close connection. For example I had joined my university facebook group and few groups which are important for my professional development. Recently facebook authorities made a change to Facebook groups enabling any one to add you to a facebook group. As a result we are getting all these unnecessary notification filling our e-mail inbox and long list of messages in the facebook page. I expect to explain how we can stop these notification from these groups. I will also show how we can leave a group which you do not want to be a member.

Steps to Unsubscribe from Facebook group messages:

Step 01: Visit the Facebook group which you want to block the messages from.

You can do this by clicking on a message that you have already got. I had 23 of those messages when I logged in to my Facebook today.

Step 02:Locate the Notifications button in the right hand upper corner of the group page.

In the following image you can see where this button is located (Indicated by a red arrow).Note that you have a tick mark in the button confirming your subscription to the posts in the group.

Step 03: Open the options in Notifications

Click on the downward arrow will open up the options. You can easily select the off options if you want to unsubscribe from all the messages that generates from this group. Or else, you can choose which messages to get by opening the settings window.

If it is a group that many of your friends are also a member, you may like to get notification about their activity in the group. Settings page gives you the option of selecting friends post notifications. You can also disable only the e-mail notifications by using the settings page.

Following image shows the options you have under the settings.

May be you want to leave the group. The button adjacent to notification button gives you the options to leave the group or report the group.

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