Why Youtube is down ?

I was trying to see some videos in Youtube and could not open the Youtube page. Then I checked my web site bestfunvideos.com which has youtube videos listed and its player was not showing videos.

What is the issue with Youtube. Is it hacked ? When we try to open the Youtube home page following is what we get in our browser. From its description I suspect Youtube has been hacked. But is it possible?

Youtube is hacked


It says 500 Internal server error and a team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with the situation.

If it is a hacking what may happen to our videos and all the money we earned through Youtube. Oh Our subscribers. I hope things are not worse because Youtube has been my school lately where I learned many skills watching instructional videos.

Still nothing in the Youtube twitter profile informing about the problem.


Advil Free Samples

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Night time sleep is a necessity for us. But some of us may be not able to sleep well and most of the time, the culprit is body pain. Advil Nightime is a product which is specifically designed for pain relief at night giving you the ability to have a good night sleep.

If you want to try Advil Nighttime before you make the decision to buy it here is your chance to order a pack of free samples. Advil is giving away trail packs these days and you can request your sample by visiting the link provided at the end of this article.

Please note that we are sharing this information using currently available information in the Internet. This trial offer of Advil is available for those who are over the age of 18 years and for Canadian residents in all the provinces except Quebec, due to provincial regulations.

This is a limited time offer while supplies last and there is a limit of one sample per household.

You can submit your request for Advil Nightime trail offer at http://www.painfreesleep.ca

Miss Universe 2013 Final – Photo Gallery

The final of Miss Universe 2013 was held in Moscow in Russia yesterday night. Beautiful girls from eighty six countries around the world contested for the Miss Universe 2013 Crown. Miss Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was awarded Miss Universe 2013 Crown. The other winners were from Spain, Ecuador, Philippines and Brazil respectively. Here is a phot collection of the event.

Miss Universe- 33000lk-  (9)

Miss Bikini Universe 2013 – Photo Collection

Miss Bikini Universe 2013 final was held on October 06, 2013. Beauties from fifty one nations all around the globe contested for Bikini Universe 2013. The girl who represented Slovakia was crowned as the Miss Bikini Universe 2013 while contestants from Kazakhstan and Portugal won the second and third place respectively. Here is a photo collection of the Miss Bikini Universe 2013.

Miss Bikini Universe 2013- winner photo

Is Tonsilitis Contagious ?

Tonsillitis, or acute inflammation of the tonsils, is primarily a children’s disease. It occurs occasionally in adults. The symptoms are very similar to those of influenza, or flu. If you feel ill, and have a sore throat, a headache, and chills and fever, examine your throat. That is the reason why your doctor examine your throat when you visit him with fever. If the tonsils are red and inflamed and seem larger than usual, you probably have tonsillitis. Another common symptom is swelling and tenderness of the surrounding infected area. Check the glands in the neck and under the jaw.


The tonsils: The tonsils are glandular swellings at either side of the throat that help to trap and destroy micro-organisms. If they become swollen and inflamed in the process, you have tonsillitis. Tonsils are very small at birth. They enlarge gradually, and reach maximum size at age six or seven. Thereafter they usually shrink, but they do not disappear as the adenoids do.


Soreness in the back of the throat may be due to tonsillitis, pharyngitis or part of a more generalized respiratory infection, such as influenza. Tonsillitis is due to viral or bacterial infections.  So this simply answer the question “Is tonsillitis contagious?” as infections in upper respiratory tract are highly infective.

Virtually every child has one or more attacks of tonsillitis. Those who get frequent attacks usually begin to get fewer after the age of seven as resistance develops to the infectious agents that cause the disorder. Even though tonsillitis is highly transmittable if you are an adult or grown up child, you may be safe  despite being in close contact with someone who is having tonsillitis.

If you do not see white spots in tonsils or tonsils are swollen over the opening of the throat, call your physician.  If the tonsils are just red you can try following self-help measures.Tonsillitis

  • The child should be kept indoors, but not necessarily in bed, in a warm – not overheated-room. Avoiding school or nursery will prevent its spread to other kids.
  • Use medications to control the symptoms. Eg: Acetaminophen for fever and pain in the throat.
  • Plenty of drinks will relieve the symptoms. The fluids should be sipped regularly.
  • Do not force the child to eat or drink. There is no harm in cold desserts such as ice cream to cool the throat.
  • A cooling fan, or frequent sponging of the face with tepid water, helps to reduce the child’s temperature.

In most cases, children with tonsillitis respond quickly to this self-help treatment. In some cases child may need antibiotics (Control the bacterial infection). In that case your doctor will prescribe antibiotics which can kill the bacteria causing tonsillitis.  Even if the child seems to be completely well, however, be sure to use the entire prescription according to your physician’s instructions.

If tonsillitis attacks are so severe and frequent that they affect the child’s general health or interfere with  schooling, hearing, or breathing, surgical removal of the tonsillitis may be advised. Even though child under goes this surgery it will be vital to keep them away from contacting patients with tonsillitis or upper respiratory infections as they still can develop infections in the pharynx, adenoids – or simply in the respiratory tract.

Will Smith’s Mobile Mansion/ Trailer

Celebrities like movie stars continuously traveling. Also filming locations can be not so comfortable for any Hollywood star as they are accustomed to luxurious life style being millionaires.

Here is a photo collection of inside of Will Smith’s trailer. This mobile mansion worths two million dollars and has been done by Anderson Mobile Estates. They make super luxury mobile trailers and they are the pioneers in renting these.

Here is a few snap shot of Will Smith’s transforming, Two-Storied mobile mansion.

Aspen is the name given to Will Smith’s luxury trailer and it is the first by Anderson Mobile States. Here is the expandable cabin which can host 25 people.  Production meetings usually take place here.

Inside of the Will Smith Trailer

This is the children’s play area. Now they are making their own movies and it may all have started here.
Kids Play Area in Will Smiths Trailer

Here is the luxury granite kitchen. Everything inside can nicely fold in on itself and they are cleverly designed for flawless functioning.

Luxary Granite Kitchen in Will Smith's Trailer

This is the big bar area and placed in upstairs. Thirty people can easily occupy this area.

Massive varenda

Originally the trailer had four mobile recording studios with state of the art technology. One of them were converted to a office room when Van Diesel rented it.

Mobile Recording Studio

Out door patio area with twenty-four-hour CCTV surveillance. They have wind sensors and they close by itself when it gets windy.

Patio Area in Will Smith's Trailer

Here is the thing! Bullet/Bomb proof luxury cab called Cocoon for use in emergency situations. Yes they are not immuned but vulnerable for unexpected.

Security cab

Here is the luxury make up area. A TV is set behind the mirror if they get bored.

Plasma TV behind the mirror

These glasses in the porch area can switch between clear and opaque.

Porch Area

Here is the one I was telling you. Office room – earlier this was one of the mobile recording room.

Recording Studio

Here is the remote controller board for all the devices on board like lights, juke boxes, TVs, Blinds, Game Consoles, etc

Remote Controller Sections

This shower area is in upstairs and it is for body guards.

Upstair Shower for Bodyguards

Another inside look of Will Smith Trailer.

Inside of Will Smith's Trailer

Affordable Sightseeing In Toronto

Economical and affordable sightseeing in toronto

Well, if you happen to be in Toronto, you’re in luck. This is a mini guild to the good and affordable sightseeing places in this vibrant city.

Greek town, China town, little Italy, little India, Korean town are just a few of this city’s places to see. They are all conveniently linked by the TTC, so it’s not a big hassle to get your breakfast, lunch and dinner in three places. And you get to see how the locals live and get that nauseating feeling of being at home. It doesn’t take much to get there nor will you have to spend too much (in most places, downtown’s a different story) to enjoy Toronto.

High Park, the biggest park in Toronto, which offers cherry blossom sighting in May, though it have much more to offer, especially if you enjoy the wilderness, without the dangers. There are many others, such as Queen’s Park, conveniently located at the heart of U of T (not for the students when there are protests going on). A place that you not only get to enjoy the trees and walk trails but get to see government officials as well. There are a number of parks located in various places in Toronto, find them and check them out.

Get a city pass, yes it’s a bit on the pricey side over fifty dollars a person; but while worth it if you want to visit all the sites in Toronto. However, before buying consider where you want to visit. The Royal Ontario Museum allow students free passes on Tuesdays, the Art Gallery of Ontario among other galleries and museums also have student pricing. This doesn’t apply to the major city sites such as the CN tower.

If you want a taste of Toronto’s past, the distillery district is the place for you. The chocolate shop is one of the best in the GTA, all handmade. But before you go, this is a forewarning, while the foods are reasonably priced, if you want to get a souvenir it’s a bit more costly; the best thing to do if you want to go there, get a coffee and explore the place.

Now that you know, why not plan ahead? Your reading weeks could be exploring weeks. And the days of boredom of not knowing where to go is gone. The city is yours too see! Now, the question is, how much of Toronto can you see?

Ways to Save Money Spent on Textbooks and Notebooks.

Save money on textbooks

I Don’t Want to Spend That Much! by: Lola Xie

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of another school year. For many the back school shopping or textbook hunting that takes a crunch out of your wallet. It is very easy to go to the school bookstore and get your recommended textbooks and notebooks. However when compared to personal buyers or the giant retails, there’s only two words, rip off. Here are some recommended sites and stores to save dollars and pennies.

TUSBE– The student ran website that will have books from various subjects and campuses, one of the oldest sites and the most effective. To use the services an account is required.

Torbooks– A relatively new site with the same operations as TUSBE, it is another platform for where you can find all of your desired textbooks. Account required for access to services.

Ryebooks– This site is also one of the “original” textbook sites, which doesn’t require an account if you only want to buy books. You would need to contact the seller directly.

Kijiji– It is not only for finding books, which is good for those that you can’t find anywhere else. But it is also good for knowing where events are, community services among many others.

Craigslist– This site also offers bargain deals on books when there are sellers. Not many people look up here for them so they’re up for grabs! It also offers many other services and notices of events in the surrounding areas.

Now there may also be services at your own school which offers similar services on a smaller scale, check them out! Or if you really can’t find the books you need, sites like ebay or Amazon may be your solution. That is if you’re willing to wait for the delivery which may take any number of days.

We got the textbooks…. Now what to do for our notebooks? Got to the big retailers like Staples or Wal-Mart of course. Every single year they have sales on notebooks at the lowest of 10 to 15 cents per book. Their school accessories will also have a greater variety than your neighborhood school bookshop.

If you do all of this I can guarantee that in the lower ranger, you’ll save tens of dollars, in the higher and you’re saving hundreds! This advice is from the years of book hunting I’ve done already. It already cost quite a bit to study in Canada, never mind your usual costs. Why not cut a bit out of textbook fees?

Use Of Social Media For Job Hunt

Why Having Social Media Accounts are Vital for Your Job Hunt by: Lola Xie

As a new immigrant to Canada, you want to find jobs that are suitable to your educational background and experience in the workforce in your home country. While social media may seem like a thing only for teenagers in your family, it is not. It can be an important tool depending on how you utilize it. There are many ways that have an account or multiple accounts on social media sites that could make your job hunt a little bit easier.

If you have a Facebook account, there are things that you can do to make others aware of yourself and your work history. This is done by editing your work history on your profile and adding “events” to your life. Having done this, potential employers who screen you will be able to find you through a few clicks on Google. You can also join groups dedicated to new immigrant or your specific ethnic group to find employment and opportunities. There are too many to list since these groups could be started very easily. If you own a startup company, coming to Canada as business investors, you might consider making one of these groups. Otherwise a “page” dedicated to the service and products that your company does and makes is easy advertisement.

While Facebook is a good site to be another route for your job hunts. Be forewarned of the possible mistakes that you may make that could offset a potential employer. Such as lewd photos or status comments that maybe considered offensive. To protect yourself against these setbacks, make sure that your privacy setting is “friends only” or “friends of friends only”. Make sure to set these up yourself as Facebook’s privacy policies in recent years have kept on changing. The timeline setup allows everyone to see a portion to your own history, they don’t have to be your Facebook friend, so be sure to modify so you get to select who sees your thoughts and comments on it.

LinkedIn is another site specifically designed for your work history, experience and other skills that you have. It is mainly used as name suggests to link people to other people in their desired field or people that may help you on your road to employment. However, whether or not you gain employment or people that will aid you really depend on how you use it. The set up is more complex with sections such as skill sets and work history that you’d want to fill out.

There are many, many others, you just have to google it. In a world where we are connected by social media, having accounts on these sites will help you in your quest for a suitable job. So make as many as you can and look at as many places as you can, though our society is becoming more competitive. Your special set of skills maybe just what someone else needs, whether it be the languages you can speak to knowing multiple computer languages.

Where to eat in and around University of Toronto

chinease meal

U of T Eateries by: Lola Xie

You did it! You made it to a Canadian university and you’re in Toronto. You’ve got your books, your supplies and everything else… but what about your meals? What can you do? There are a number of things depending on the university and campus that you are studying at! All of the campuses and the recommended eateries on campus and off will be here.

If you are in the University of Toronto Mississauga or York University your eateries are limited to the ones on campus. Since both the Mississauga and Keele area is much more remote than Scarborough or St George campus and Ryerson University. Getting a day, weekly or metro pass is recommended if you want to explore the city and its eateries. One of the main sights in the Mississauga is Square One to start.

If you happen to be at the Scarborough campus, you’re luckier. Other then the food on campus, there’s town center only a bus away. However due to the limited numbers of trip it takes, for you to have a decent meal, you also need time. I recommend a two to three hour gap or more between classes so that you can get there and back without rushing everything.

If you are at the St George campus or Ryerson University, you will enjoy a paradise of cheap and good foods. That is if you know where to look! No need to stick with the greasy overpriced campus foods, which in most cases in detrimental to your health.

For U of T students, to the south, you have big Chinatown which offers a variety of foods of different Asian origin. A Vietnamese sub for two dollars to a bowl of noodles for five. To the west, there’s the Annex and Korea town, you just have to take the walk or the TTC to get there, which offers full meals starting at six to seven dollars. To the east, here are many campus eateries at Hart House, various colleges, or if you taste buds are aching for some high class food, there’s the Bay and Yorkville to consider. However as a student I would urge you only to eat there for major celebrations, since it is in the most expensive part of Toronto.

Being at Ryerson University means that you’re at the heart of downtown, there are many places to eat; one of the best places where you can get the most for your buck is Korean grill. Which is conveniently located just a short walk away from one of the buildings on campus. Otherwise the Chinatowns are just a bus ride away. Otherwise you got the food courts in the Eaton center to consider or you can just walk around to see what tickles your taste buds.

Now that you know where to eat! What are you waiting for; don’t stick with the campus food trucks and limited choices. Get out there and get a taste of Toronto during your studies, your wallet and stomach won’t regret it…. No, I really mean it, the stuff on campus and off costs about the same now, except off campus is usually healthier and more bang for your buck, especially at Korean restaurants. Your body will be more energized and you will be better prepared for the semesters ahead. Just make sure you plan ahead, since at some of the places, you’d want to enjoy the food, not rush it.

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